Cause its gone daddy gone
Your love is gone
Gone daddy gone
The love is gone away

Y'know that I want your loving
but my logic tells me that it aint never gonna happen
and then my defense'd say I did't want it anyway
but you know sometimes I'm a lier
could you ever want me to love you
could you ever want me to care
disregard my nervousness
please ignore my vacant stares
cause just what I've been thru
is nothing like where I'm going to
give me some sign to persue
a promise
and your unhappy
this is only a guess

Good feeling
Wont you stay with me just a little longer
It always seems like your leaving
When I need you here just a little longer
Dear lady theres so many things
That I have come to fear
Little voice says Im going crazy
To see all my worlds disappear
Vague sketch of a fantasy
Laughing at the sunrise
Like hes been up all night
Ooo slippin and slidin
What a good time but now
Have have to find a bed
That can take this wait